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I've fallen in love with a new 3D drawing program that one of our members posted some pics with. you can download a viewer for either mac or PC from their sketchup site. They also offer a trial version that lasts for 8 hours of use also for either mac or PC. The trial version allows for the creation of full AVI video files of the animations and you can access the layers etc. I started with the trial but was soon converted as the program is easy to learn. (unlike other 3D progs I've tried) so I had to buy it - (around USD$470.00) allows you to draw totally in 3D to 1/8" accuracy. Anyway I've recently designed a couple of rooms for a friend in town and as he's not a client I can post the design for all to view. It's your typical basement with a low ceiling and cross beams etc. I'm still working on it so it'll probably change but it will give you an idea of how to construct one of these typical basement type studios, build soffits and resonators etc. It shows the construction in a way that a 2D drawing can't.

Please help

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Motion graphics video agency

Thank you

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What is the name of the program that you bought? It might be something that we could use here, to put images and videos on the web.



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