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I've been trying to find a rendering addon for Sketchup 8. I tried Bright 3D which was quick but didn't have to much in the way of options. ArielVision seemed okay. But,again, had limited options. iRender nXT DID render a scene I put together, but it always came out grainy. I'm trying to find a solution to this dilemma. I REALLY like Sketchup for the fact that I can create just about anything. But, Sketchup, in itself, IS limited in its rendering. Most of the rendering addons were costly. And complicated to use. I've seen addons for as much as $3800. This kinda cuts into the environment of creativity for the average user. The "samples" shown on the websites look nice. If only the rendered scene / model that I created could look that good. My computer System consists of Windows 7 Professional 32-bit, NVidia Geforce GT610, 2x2GB RAM Chips, Intel Core i3-3220 CPU and Sketchup 8. I'm thinking that I need to upgrade my entire System and upgrade from Sketchup 8 to be able to use the rendering addons. Advice ?

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I'd like to see the rendering that you made with IRender nXt or ArielVision that came out grainy. If possible, could you send us the image and the model that you used to to create the image and we'll see if it is a setting or something that needs to be fixed. You can just email the image and model to me at, or use our uploads page, if it's a large file.

It's always good to upgrade to a newer machine if possible, models render much more quickly with the newer, faster machines.



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