Doing a trial with space design at the moment. All seems well. Not the most intuitive UI but got there in the end.
Working with a modular wall dynamic component with 3 different stock heights that replicates based on wall length and height with various offsets for corners and such.
I have made a formula that assigns each module with a certain material representing the most efficient stock height module to cut it from based on its height and width. Eg. Full width, half height of tallest module etc.
Sub totalling via material gives me a good result but I'd like to define it back into full sizes again so for example if there a 4 1/4 width full height tall modules, I want to show that as just 1 or if there is 6 as 1.5.
Same for say half width half heights. Etc.

Ideally I'd like to end up with a number of total modules required of each of the 3 size stock heights to create the layout without having to manually divide and add all the different subtotals.

Is this possible natively with space design.
I'm fairly sure it should get the thumbs up regardless but it would be nicer to present a solution that requires no input.

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