Looking at producing a very low angle sun shot where the sun casts its golden glow across a landscape - going for twilight drama.  I'm an old AccuRender user, and there was a setting for sun color (well, cool or hot, but still got a slightly golden sun).

I've been using HDRI sunset to get the softness of evening and have the sun on to graze the surface with awesome light.  The result is really good, but I'm heavily modifying colors in Photoshop.

I see I can adjust sky color, which is really helpful, but I'd like to blast the scene with a yellow-orange tinted sun.  Should I create a big colored spotlight?  That does seem like it's going in the right direction.

Attached are the original render, and a dramatized color version to show you what I'm trying to get to.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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Images from first post:

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Raw Sunset


You can not set the sun color in the new nXt engine, except by creating a HDRi image with a bright colored sun.

(I think - I am never sure about these things)

You may need to use a colored spot light instead (or just a point light)

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