Dear Team,

I would like to know what are the benefits of cloud rendering...

please share the sample views of cloud rendering..

is it worth to purchase the tokens and assign for the cloud rendering??

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I think the main benefit of Cloud rendering is if you're pushed for time and have multiple renderings to do and not enough time to do them locally.  You can push multiple jobs to the Cloud and get more done sooner.  Cloud can also be useful if you're trying to use your computer while rendering and finding it's impacting performance - you can load a job to the Cloud and free up your local processing power. 

I strongly recommend that you check out these pages on our site as they cover a lot of questions related to our Cloud rendering service (setting up, monitoring, and retrieving jobs):  

IRender nXt Cloud Rendering Service | Sketchup plugins | IRender nX...

IRender nXt Cloud Rendering Advanced Help | Sketchup plugins | IRen...

I have given you some free tokens so you can try our service (just click the Cloud icon on your IRender toolbar and you'll see the tokens available to you on the dialog - note, that you might need to add the icon to your toolbar via the Customize Toolbar button under the license icon.  Alternatively, if you click the Setup Options icon the Cloud icon is also on the far right hand side of that dialog).

Re sample views of Cloud renderings, they are no different to what you would generate locally.  You are using the same rendering engine on the Cloud as you are locally.



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