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I was talking with a potential client from Dallas Thursday, and he said that some of his friends had discovered a way to download and use IRender nXt for free.

I told him that I had tried to find a site which let you do this, but that I always wound up on a site which wanted me to enter a credit card number before they shows me their "secrets". I was vary hesitant to enter a credit card number on a Warez site, so I never went any further.

He said that his friend had not needed to enter a credit card number. Perhaps I should have pressed him for more details, but I didn't.

So - does anyone know any sites where you can download the "Crack" for IRender nXt? If so, send me a PM (I would prefer that you don't publish the information here on the forum.) If we can see how any such crack works, then we can fix future versions so they are harder to crack.

If you have any other thoughts or comments (not including hints on how to crack this or any other software), please respond here in the forum so we can all share in the discussion.

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