trying to create what I thought would be easy, could not get it to work and hopefully missing something simple.  The premise is I’m creating a sign panel that is backlit and raised off the wall.  I thought by creating a box, moving it about 2" off the wall, then putting a fixture on the backside of the raised box, i would get a glow on teh wall around the entire box.  Not happening.  Tried to attach a simplified model, got an error message that I can't.  Any thoughts?



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Hi Larry

I have used this technique in the past for the sort of effect you describe.

Stick a spotlight with a very wide angle beam on the back of your box, aimed at the wall.

You can adjust the wattage etc or put it in a lighting channel and adjust post render.

PDF attached describes, not sure if this is exactly the effect you want but it may be a start point for you to experiment.


Mike Mesh-3d




exactly what i'm tryign to do.  And I did try something similar with a square fixture and it didn't work.  just tried it your way, still no luck.  turned the fixture 180 degreees to make sure it wasn't backwards, still no luck.  attaching the file, must be doing soemthing really basically wrong.  appreicate any guidance

Hi Larry

Attached the sketchup file I used to produce the effect.

Also a PDF showing the light and render presets.

Note - Render 'Int no sun.'

Also it will take , say, 40+ passes to get the full effect.

Also note the beam does not touch the wall, I think this makes a difference.

Try rendering my model and you should reproduce my image.

Good luck


Mike - Mesh-3D

nothing was attached

Hi Larry

The upload is failing for some reason.

Click on my name and add me as a friend and I will

private message you with the files - that usually works OK



nothingn was attached.  also, how do you adjsut it so teh beam does not touch the wall?  Tryign to attach my test file again

Try the skp file as a zipped file to attach it

Hi Richcat.

Thanks for your suggestion.

I don't think its a size problem. I was only trying to upload a 300Kb PDF and a 250Kb SKP file.

It just seemed to hang for a while then uploaded the text without the attachments.

Anyway sorted now me and Larry exchanged email addresses and I sent the files by email.

Thanks again.



Richcat said:

Try the skp file as a zipped file to attach it

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