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in future versions of iRender NXT is possible use the photometric files .ies?

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We have been looking at this (it is available in the underlying nXt engine - we just need to implement it)

Have you used IES with other renderers?

If we started with just one light type (spot, ceiling, point, or light app;ies to geometry - face or surface) which would be the best for the first implementation.

Do you have a particular IES file you would like us to use for our first implementation?

Other users

Have you had experience with IES lighting? Do you have any comments or suggestions?
I had occasion to use the files. Ies using 3DStudio VIZ and Lightscape. Files. Ies of Simes ( attached to the 3d blocks.
Was the blobk the light, or the item receiving the light?

If the block was the light, was the IES applied to the entire block as a light source, or were some parts of the block in a special layer, or otherwise identified as a light source?

Was the a direction applied to the light, or was that determined by the block?
in lightscape or 3Dstudio, you have the possibility to apply the file to the photometric light source (block) or replace the same file to get different effects.

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