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        Hi everybody :

                         Is there a way to  "pause" the rendering process ?  I want to make a screen-capture after a certain amount of time.  Then  "resume" the rendering.  I'm using version PB09nxt 6.0.


                                                                                              Gary Stanullwich



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You can click the stop button to stop the rendering at the end of the current pass, and then use resume rendering after you save the image.

Stop Rendering

When you start a rendering, the Green Circle will turn Red.

If you press the red circle while a rendering is being processed, the rendering will stop at the end of the current pass. Stop the rendering if you want to save an image, or restart the rendering.

A dialog is loaded allowing you to wait for the end of the current pass, or stop the rendering immediately.

Resume Rendering

Resume Rendering lets you continue a rendering which has been completed - either because the number of passes or rendering time limit has been exceeded, or because you clicked the Stop Rendering button - and add more passes.

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