IRender_nXt vs Allura Comparison,
Rendered for the same amount of time on the same Machine. used same materials tweeked with gloss for Allura.  Allura Cleared up in around an 1hr and didn't seam to get better after that time, in total 66hrs.
IRender_nXt did not clear after 66hours LOL, did use focal points though.
The renders where done on a low end machine.
my better pc when in stalling Allura over wrote my 2013 plug in flolders even though i chose the 2016 directory when installing. i could not launch IRender nXt after that. to do a comparrsion.
Every time i stop Allura the render will re launch by itself and start rendering by itself. only way to stop it from re opening is to force quit.  

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Thanks for taking a look at Allura.

Do you have a model you can send to so we can do some timing tests here?

Both Allura and IRender nXt render forever, until you stop them, so it is up to you to decide how long top let them render for a good comparison.

Our new installations always install Allura or IRender nXt into up to 3 recent SketchUp versions which we can find. The product is installed just once into Program Files, and a small hook is placed into each version of SketchUp to launch it.

After you pause Allura, it will start again if you do certain things - like change the Brightness, or go to Navigation and change the view. Do you remember what you were doing when it restarted.

We almost always set a maximum number of rendering passes, or a maximum time, in which case it renders just one more pass when you change the brightness after it is done.

email sent with Dropbox link, subject "IRender_nXt vs Allura Comparison"
Allura will just keep re opening on my machine. I'll close both SketchUp and Allura using the cross in the top right. Allura will even disappear from my processor tree, after about 30sec it will reopen and start processing geometry and render again. its Random not every time. iv only tried Allura on one machine so far.

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