Good day everyone,

I have gone through most of the tutorials on the website and youtube but i have not come across a tutorial that teaches how to produce realistic, v-ray like renderings. I am a vray , 3dsmax user but looking for an alternative because i just switched to sketchup.

I have only seen two renderings-of-the-month that strike me. One interior from Peter Milner an exterior from Chris Fox.

Really i tried contacting Peter Milner, but he claims not to have time to teach me, even if i have to pay.

I dont know if there is any other person as good that has done interiors like Peter Milner or Chris Fox that is interested in teaching me.

I am ready and willing to pay.

Pls chat me up.

This is my whatsapp number +2348164691476


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Hello Oyebanji - sorry for the late response.  I see your test render image, which looks good.  Is there specific functionality you'd like more information on?  I could do a Zoom call (or other screen share) with you to give you some pointers.

Regarding only seeing a couple of renderings of the month that strike you - that's unsurprising as rendering is not an exact science and the ability of our users varies greatly with many not able to devote time to fine tuning.  They are able to produce "good enough" images for their purposes, just as more experienced users, like Peter, are able to produce very high quality images.


David Richards (Render Plus) 

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