Is there a way to speed up the Analyzing Geometry and the Reading Batch File phase prior to rendering?  I notice that these 2 phases only utilize one processor thread out of 16 available. The rendering phase does use all 16 threads. For example a 127MB interior office Sketchup 2022 file has a load time of 25m 25s and Render Time of 4m58s. Am I missing something in settings that would improve the Load Time?

Processor i7-11700

Storage Samsung NVMe Gen4 PCIe



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Hello Todd, try changing the "Number of Threads to use ..." setting on the More tab on the Setup Options dialog.

Also, if you like you can upload your model via this link on our site Uploads | Render Plus Software and we can take a look and see if we can suggest anything else that would help speed up the process.

Thanks for the reply.  My setup is set to use "# of Cores"

I also uploaded my file.  Any advice would be appreciated.



Thanks for uploading the model which we're now looking at.

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