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I see on your website ( ) that the RPTOOLS plugin for SketchUp has a proxy tool that can create a low-poly version of a high-poly component.


Does it actually create a lowpoly component or does it create a series of bounding boxes as Adam Billyard's "Proxyview" or Fredo6's "Ghostcomp" does?


Is it (RPTOOLS) fit for use in SU2016?

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It creates a criss-cross of images, or a write-frame bounding box.

It is executed with a right-click menu pick from a component.

RpTools will work with all versions of SketchUp since SU 8

Create a Proxy

Component in RpTools[edit]

Right Click on component and select Create LO-POLY Proxy Component


Select desired settings and click OK


Here is the component displayed as a criss-cross proxy object


Right click again to restore the full component


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