Do items that you want to emanate light need to be a Sketchup 'group', or can you just do 'faces'? I'm struggling trying to get 'flames' for fire to look like they are lit. Everything I try to turn into a light is real bright. 

You have a step by step tutorial on the website that has a fire place in the pool room, but the 'self-glow' part is a little different than the version I am working with. Is there a video tutorial of the 'pool house' one?

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You can just do faces.  We do not have another video tutorial, but if you upload your model via this link on our site we'll gladly take a look at your fire and let you know the best way to get a lit flame effect.

Thank you for taking a look at this! I've uploaded a Test SKP file and and image. The 'test' is for how to set up lighting and transparent faces to simulate flames above water. This eventually will be for the facade of a building.

The image is a very quick rendering using a nighttime shadow setting and using Exterior With Sun rendering. Even with the late night settings, the mass that would be the building renders bright white? Can you point me int he right direction to control this?


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