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I have a problem like that. my problem is every time I try to render with added light points for my interior, the rendering gets stuck and the only option I have is shutting down sketchup. Can you help me? It's very irritating I bought it for €600 and it doesn't even work properly. I can't get the realistic pictures that I want.

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Carlo - When you start a rendering and you see progress that includes any manner of  "not responding" message, this is usually not correct.  To reassure yourself that SketchUp is running properly, please start the Task Manager, where I believe you will see SketchUp consuming resources (CPU and RAM).

It may be that the preprocessing your rendering is taking longer than you expected.  However, please be patient because unless you see on the Task Manager that SketchUp has indeed failed, ignore the messages and let the software continue.

We intend to remedy this bad message from Windows, because it is confusing and will cause people to resort to (unnecessary) drastic measures, such as rebooting the computer.

I also want you to know that I've encountered situations when I thought that my computer was behaving very sluggishly.  What I discovered was that on several occasions there were Windows updates that were ready to install.  Rebooting in this situation and letting the updates install restored my computer to good health and speed.

I hope that we'll have an update soon that will remove this confusing message.  Certainly if you are experiencing a fatal error in SketchUp from attempts to render, please let me know.  We might ask that you send us the model you're having problems with so that we can test it here in our lab and hopefully provide some helpful information.

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