some lights won't render, while others do // spotlights don't move along correct axis when using keyboard arrow shortcuts

2 problems I've been running into as of late...

1. I have a model with 3 light fixtures from the 3d warehouse (2 identical sconces and a chandelier) as well as 2 spotlights. When I render the model, the 3 light fixtures work, but the spotlights don't. I've checked all the settings on the spotlights and they seem fine (but I'm relatively new to arielvision so maybe I'm missing something). The last model I worked on also had a combo of light fixtures and spotlights and all rendered just fine. 

2. Once I've placed something - a spotlight for example, I'm not able to move them along the correct axis when using the keyboard arrows as shortcuts like I can when I move any other component in sketchup. I can get them to move along the red and green axis usually, but pressing the "up" arrow to move along the blue axis only makes them move along the red or green, or at a diagonal... I've had this problem with every model since I started using arielvision, so placing the lights has been a bit of a pain at times.

Thanks for your help!

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Please would you upload your model via this page on our site Uploads - Render Plus Software, so we can take a look at what's going on with the light fixtures.

Re #2:

Typically, by default, when one of our lights is placed, it is "glued" to a surface, so it can only be moved along the 2 axes that align to the surface it's glued to. So using the arrow keys during a move would only work with 2 of the arrow key options, depending on the orientation of the surface.

There is a check box on the placement dialog that can be unchecked if you don't want to glue the lights to surfaces. 

Then all 3 arrow keys would work during a move, but a spotlight won't automatically point away from a wall or surface like it does now. After placing a glued spotlight, you can right click on the light and "unglue" it to move it away from the glued surface. 

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