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I have created and used a spot light that projects these shapes over the whole of the room. At present I have just created and used a shape
which is placed in front of the spot light (also i have tried it out
using a PNG files and does the same effect).

 I just wondered if there was a different way of making this effect? also would there be some way to change the colour of the shapes that are
projected in the room. As mentioned the shapes i have used are acting
as a shadow, would that mean changing the colour of the shadow, is this

 Also to let you I currently use the nXtRender - (Low cost, high quality renderings) version.

Hope someone can help?"

"here is a quick render of the effect i have made:"

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I can't tell from your message what you want to accomplish. Can you describe what you would like to do?

For a different effect, reverse your filter image - make the transparent part opaque, and make the part which casts the shadows now 50% transparent and colored. That should have the effect of making colored light patterns instead or patterened shadows.
Hi Al

Im having trouble signing up to the new site (mentioned above) when it asks for company name that uses Google Sketch and NxtRender. So at the moment i cannot sign up to it. The company I work for is called MCI Ltd.

Regarding what you said on Im looking for this kind of effect where i can change the colour of each shape that appears in the room (please see the top image) Or would there be an easier way to produce what is shown in the bottom where you have blue tinted shapes(or whatever colour you like to use) scattered about in the room.

I think you will get the effect you are looking for by making a partially transparent filter - with 50% transparent blue areas for the light to pass through.

Also, you will need to make the spot lights very small. The size of a spot light effects the sharpness of the shadows. A large (in size, not wattage), spot light casts soft shadows, a small spot light casts sharp shadows.

Small spot light with sharp shadows:

Large spot light with soft shadows:

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