how can I do to achieve a rendering at night, so leaden sky, and artificial lights on with nXT render?

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Here are some tips from RichCat from another thread on this:

Theres some good info in this thread on the previous Accurender forum from Roy and others, that's relevant to Irender.

The basics seem - straight from Roy are:

1.Start with our standard hdr (rnl_probe.hdr)
2.Make sure studio brightness is not checked
3.Turn the hdr intensity to 0.01 ( edit I set mine to 0.1 by mistake will have to try 0.01- input with numbers not arrows see if it makes differance)
4.Turn the tone op brightness to -0.60

Add lights as desired.

I turned off sun in render below, and standard indirect light, our rendering window brightness does not have figures some just sliding to left to get desired effect.

I have found a nice hdr file called full moon at the Accustudio site:

Just download the hdri from the site and save it on your computer.  I use it when I want an evening rendering.  I select high dynamic lighting preset then click on load options. I select the full moon hdri and then use one of the attached jpgs as a background. I use the background wizard to position it and stretch it until it looks right.  I find using the jpgs easier because sometimes the hdri files are fuzzy. I set my lighting channels to 8 so I can tweak the lights.

You can see the renders I was able to get at this site:

Hope this info helps!


Here is another way that may work for you. I set the SketchUp file to 10 PM then I had shadows turned on. This produced a dark image in SketchUp. I then started IRender nXt with the Int. w/sun setting.  I am attaching 3 images made with this setting. One is plain. It shows a black sky as if it’s a dark cloudy evening. The other two have a background image positioned.



Hi For the external night shot attached I just put a load of external lights (NXT) around the exterior, the sky is a background positioned with the background wizard.

I didn't bother with lighting channels but you could use these for more control if required. The render used the preset - int/no sun, yes sounds strange but it got the feel I wanted.


Mike (Mesh-3D)


Here is another example I did using the same technique as described above.

There are some strange white pixels around the image but I only did 10 passes, this would sort itself out with more render passes.




Mike - use the image icon (second from the left above the editor) to place images directly into your posts. It make them easier to see when viewing posts.

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