I am seeing a shadow that should not be there in an interior scene. Using Sketchup 2014 and nXt ver NB28nxt 5.0. The model is over 40 mb in size. It is occurring in more than one view.

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Actually these are not shadows but rather random areas that are not being rendered for the lights in the room. Definitely hard line areas that are dark.

Make sure you give the model enough passes to let the lighting appear in the dark area.

Can you upload an image so we can wee what is happening?

just a question are you using texture map any of your surfaces?

Thanks Al for you input. I have re-rendered for 9 hours / 185 passes with the same result. I am sending you the result images. Also sending an image that had no problems. Link to the model:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvxb02zmv0yrt6s/Model%2004a1.skp

John-I have not used texture maps.


Looks like I found the problem. It is a sketchup problem not nXt. For some reason the entire floor layer has become a solid object in lieu of planes and surfaces. When I try exploding it creates again some weird surfaces. The solution seems to be redrawing the original floor layer. Anyone have an idea what I may have done or sketchup done to create this merging of surfaces? I do have several textures on the layer that all use a photo image. Thanks!

Further discovery is that the layer has all its edges smoothed. This may have happened inadvertently while intentionally smoothing another surface (lock layers not being used ....... ) Problem solved! 

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