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Hi! I've been using rendering images with IRender nXt for years and this is the first time this has happened. While rendering and in the finished image a line appears running from the top of the image to the bottom.

I have tried rendering different views and different rooms within the model and it shows up every time. This just started today. Any idea what could be causing this?

I've attached an example image, so you can see what I mean. 

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There's one running sideways too:

Can you send us the model to try it here?

I am trying to send it, but after I attach it, it just keeps loading. Never sends.

Is there another way I could send it, such as through Dropbox?

You have to put a SKP file in a zip file before you can attach it here, but you can just send it to us using this link:

That way, you can also avoid any size restrictions.

Thank you so much. I just sent it.

I can duplicate the problem you are seeing, the lines in the rendering.

I haven't found what might be causing that, but I was able to render it without the lines by copying the the entire model and pasting it into a new model.

I had to place a new section plane in the new model, perhaps that not get copied, but after that it rendered OK for me without the odd lines.

Great! Thank you so much! I'll do that.

I love how quick you are to respond. 

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