Background Image scaling not working on the IRender nXt 4.0……

Known bug or am I really cool and first to spot it?

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We decided to do a video on Background images just last week, and we noticed, and fixed, a few problems. I suspect we fixed this one as well.


I'll have Rich check it out, and if it is fixed in the latest version, add a post here.

We posted a fix for this a version KH24.

It can be downloaded at this link:

Thanks - scaling now working fine (interestingly though it's bringing in the background image and altering it's proportions to suit the render size, for example, importing a long panoramic shot it get's squashed up to suit the more rectangular proportions of the rendering output..... solve one problem and another appears! Hey ho!)

In general, a background is reformatted to fill the screen, so you will need to create a background image which represents what you want to appear, at approximately the same aspect ratio,  as the background of the rendering.


Another approach is the render the model without a background, save it as an alpha-transparent PNG and then place it over the background after rendering in a Paint program.

Great - thanks, that all makes sense now.



Now, with the new Background Wizard you can stretch the position and background as desired.

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