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I am running some interior renderings with the "interior with sun" preset as well as supplemental interior lights.

The ceiling plane comes in as black as well as other elements coming in with black.  Not sure of the cause.

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Can you post the model so we can try to duplicate what you are seeing?

If you put the model in a zip file, you can attach it to a reply using the Upload FIles option.

Thanks for your quick response, here is the file.

Thanks for your quick response, here is the file.


Most of the light in your model is coming from the sky, from a horizontal direction fro under the ceiling. There is only on lamp, a directional spot light, in the model and it is illuminating very little little due to all of the light from the sky. So almost no light is getting reflected up to light up the ceiling:

I set the light balance to use more of the the artificial lights, and not we are getting some light illuminating the ceiling:

Try these things to get the results that you want:

Possibly add more lights to the model. You can place Point lights in the model to illuminate surfaces not getting enough light. The point lights can be marked to not appear in the rendering so that all they do is add more light in an area.

Change the Light balance (on the Options/Lights tab) to increase the Lights, if you still want the sun and sky to partially illuminate the model.

Change the Reflective bounces (on the Options/Render tab) to a number greater than 3 if you want more light to bounce up and illuminate objects that are not directly illuminated. Also make a few materials reflective.

Render for more passes than 3, to allow the reflected light to fully illuminate the room. 3 is way too few passes for using reflected light.

Perhaps set Ambient Light to High.

Also. try using the Light Balancer function to turn down the sun and sky and to increase the illumination for the lights in other channels. This is handy since you can make adjustments while the model is rendering.

Thanks so much for the advice - very helpful.

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