In the past, as recent as 2012, Renderplus Nxt for Revit provided an option to save the output file as an *.epg whis used as an inout for Piranesi, a 3-D painting program. I was able to successfully render within Revit using the render plus engine with the *.epg output file.

I have searched the nXt app windows repeatedly looking for the option that had previously been available without success.

Is there a way to restore that functionality that has been lost?


Jerry Childers

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I don't see where we ever saved to an .epg file. We do save to an .epx file which is used by Piranesi. Can you use that?

The Piranesi File Format (EPX) is a pixel based format used by Piranesi, a stylistic render and painting program that can be used to apply artistic treatment to computer renderings. form•Z exports renderings to EPX files for use in Piranesi. For more information on Piranesi, please see the informatix web site at

Rich, Thanks for your response. I erred with my reference to *.epg file. Yes it is an *.epx file that I had intended. I have been unable to locate the location for the choice of saving or converting to an *.epx file. Please advise.


Oh, I had seen the EXR file output and must have read it as EPX.

Understandably so. " *.epx " used to be an option. I used it for several projects as recent as 2012. I believe that this is where I was able to select the *.epx file as an option. I believe that the option was visible when I clicked otn the button ofr Image Destination Folder. 

Unfortunately, looking through our source code, for AccuRender for Revit, SketchUp, and AutoCAD, I don't see any reference to EPX as a file format we could save. So it's not something that we had that could simply be restored.


Thank you for your time, but there were at least 3 to 5 projects that I rendered with some version of accurender in 2012 and exported an epx file that I was able to import into Piranesi for post processing.  I typically updated annually.  What were the versions that were current slightly before or during 2012?

I will check my archive files for a project where I saved the image as an epx file. That might help.

Maybe AccuRender 4 for AutoCAD? That's the only thing I don't have the source code for.

Does Piranesi load any other file formats?

Single epx file is attached


The larger file was 24,000 KB. I tried to send by itself. Looks like size limit was exceeded even by itself.

I located an epx file dated 9-30-2010. Size was 12,726 KB

Aha. I found this on the nXt forum:

Piranesi is supported via the image editor.  Save the rendering in .nXtImage format and open it using the editor.  It's one of the choices under Save Tonemapped Image As...

So you just need to save the Image as a .nXtImage and do that.

Image Editor: C:\Program Files (x86)\ArRevit_nXt\nXtImageEditor64.exe

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