From a user:

 I downloaded ArielVision and it is not showing up under extensions in Sketchup.

It's possible that the files that we install to let SketchUp 2015 find our plugin did not get installed into the proper location. We install the ruby files in your User AppData folder. It you installed as another user, those files may have been installed in that other user's AppData folder and not your’s. If that is the case, the plugin will not be found by SketchUp

Could you do this to check that?

Use the SketchUp Ruby Console window:

to find the location of your SketchUp plugins folder by typing:


 and then click on "Enter". You should see something like this:

for you, it should show:

        C:/Users/[Your user Name]/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/plugins

Look in that folder in Windows File Explorer, and make sure there is a folder called RPS_ArielVision  and a file called RPS_ArielVision.rb:


Note: If you don't have the View option for showing known extensions un-checked, you will just see the file as being named "RPS_ArielVision".

Folder View Options:

If that file is not there, then you will need to reinstall ArielVision and make sure that the Ruby Plugins folder get installed into your AppData folder.

If you do not see your user AppData folder shown here during the install:

then you may have to go back and use the Browse button to select your folder:

After reinstalling, or if that file, RPS_ArielVision.rb, is already in that folder,

        C:/Users/[Your user Name]/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/plugins

If ArielVision still does not appear under the Extensions menu and/or load, please do this:

Type (you don't have to use the proper upper and lower case letters for this to work): 

        load 'RPS_ArielVision.rb'

in the Ruby Console Window and tell me what appears.

Then type in:

        load 'RPS_ ArielVision /RPS_ ArielVision2.rb'

and copy all the text that appears in the Ruby Console and send it to us.

Hopefully all of that will give us a clue.



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