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For pitching purposes I designers some promotional material within Sketchup and to use our logo on some objects I imported the logo as a texture, because the targeted surface is curved, I selected "project image" on that surface so it fits the curvature. But whenever I am trying to render the object with the projected logo, the logo texture is replaced with a white surface. How can I fix this?

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Can you send us a small model to try to reproduce this? Along with the image file for your logo?

You can use this link, if the files are too large to simply email to us.


email: support@renderplus.com



The problem is the size of the image. If I save the logo image as an image that is only 9000 pixels wide, and use that as the texture instead of your original logo image, then it renders as expected.

Currently we skip images that are larger than 67,108,864 total pixels, since large images were failing when we were extracting them from the SketchUp model.

We are currently working on removing that size limit for texture images. I'll post a reply here when we get that working.

We posted a new version of IRender nXt and our other plugins that were affected by the image size restriction.

Our plugins will all now work with larger images, like the one that you sent us.

Please install the latest version from our downloads page and see if it it works better for you.

Download page:


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