I created an Irender movie, medium sized, with 3 passes per frame, the line type was simple with sky and ground showing at the horizon.  The movie had approx 1100 frames.  The firs 60 or so frames rendered alternately, realistically and washed out.  After those frames, the rest of the movie rendered properly.  The movie was 102.8 MB.  The first washed out portion was 6.1MB. The final movie with the first portion cropped out was 96.7 MB.  I've attached cropped and reduced versions for small email handling.  The attached files are m4v.  The smaller file is the front portion with the washed out frames.  The larger file is half of the properly rendered movie. 

The Sketchup file is 10.5 MB.

What caused the washed out alternate frames?  ... and why does the simple sky and ground flicker??

Thank you,


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It looks like the sun is being turned off and on...

Any chance that you could send me the model, or a stripped down version of it, where I could duplicate this.

Or if you could zip up the batch folder and send me that.

Was Lock Tone Operator checked?

My question is still this: Regardless of my settings, why did the frames alternate with washout and good for only 60 to 80 some odd frames and then the rest of the 1100 frames all rendered properly?  I wasn't aware of the final movie problems until the 8 hour sequence was finished.



I don't know. That's why I was hoping for the model.

Perhaps there is a bug in our sun position calculations between frames, or the the Lock Tone Operator setting is causing problems.

Thanks Rich,

I've attached a zip of the file.


Ronald Lubman, RA said:

Hi Rich,

I know that you're a busy guy.  In one of your previous replies to my washed out video, you asked for my model.  I uploaded a zip of  it several days ago and I never received a response.  Hopefully you can come up with an answer in the near future.

Many thanks,


I was able to duplicate what you're seeing.

I also deleted all geometry in the model and just placed a single cube in the model, and I could see the change in illumination between the frames between the first 2 scenes.

I haven't figured out how to fix it yet though.

I'm anxious to see how you finally resolve this.

Thanks for your time, 


Hi Rich,

It's been several weeks since my last inquiry.  

I wonder if you've made any progress in determining why the movie flickers?



Sorry that it took so long to get to this. At first I thought it might be related to the Lock Tone Operator setting, but it doesn't appear to be that.

I now believe it related to the fact that the starting view is pointed straight down and we are calculating the "Up Vector" for the rendering incorrectly, and perhaps that affects the lighting during that transition.

I'm looking into it.

I think the answer to this problem may be that one scene did not have "Shadow Setting" set to be included in the animation.

I stripped your model down to less geometry with just 2 scenes to make it easier to inverstigate. Since I was seeing flashing between the scenes "v1" and "Scene 3", I created an animation using just those 2 scenes, with 10 frames between them. I rendered to png files, instead of creating and AVI file, and I got these images as a result:

with widely diferent lighting.

I noticed that scene "v1" was not set to include the sun setting in the animation:

So I checked "Shadow Settings" for scene "v1" and ran the animation again and got these files:

So that may be the answer. I assume we need to fix the software to use the sun setting of the last scene, or the next one if it's the first, if a scene does not have any sun settings saved with it.

Please see if you think that might be the problem that you are having.

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