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just downloades ArielVision yesterday, I was looking for the Add Light Icon (Create-light-fixture.jpg) as described in your Getting Started Tutorial on your Website. I suppose it is now the "Load Render Redy Component" Icon. 


2nd and my very problem: I added a few lamps from the components into the model, and nothing happens inside when looking into the (dark) building from outside!
(The Light parameters do show 100% Light intensity after picking them by the Model Lights Query an Edit.)

Just when I turn the Light Balance to 100% for More Lights in the Setup Options before rendering, the interior lights switch on -- and outside it's darkest night... I hoped for a mixture of both by having about 60% Lights and 40% Sky/Ambient e.g.

On the other hand, I've chosen ArielVision to test because I just don't want to get fuzzed with Light Options - just improve the textures and click "Render" was my goal...

So, is there a possibility to lighten up the interiors of a building a little bit easily?



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Yes, we replaced the Light Icon with the "Render Ready" icon when we added the new Render Ready tab to that dialog. Sorry for the confusion.

You can get both the shadows from the sun and sky and still see the lights in a building by using the Light Balance toggle as you suggest. It's a matter of trial and error though, as it depends on the Sun position, reflection on windows, etc. 

You can also set your lights much higher than 100%. Here is a rendering where I increased the lamp to 400% of it's default intensity:

I've attached the skp file I used to render this.

Here is the model for the rendering above. I forgot I had to zip it to upload it.


Also, after using the Light Balance, you can use the Brightness control on the Rendering dialog to increase the brightness of the rendering.

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