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I've asked for this several times in the past, perhaps there is a solution I missed.  And I'm sure most if not everyone faces this situation.  Doing multiple renderings for a final presentation.  Want to be able to send them in sequence to render, possibly have them que up and then be rendered and saved with some sort of default file name and have the next rendering run.  Otherwise, I need to sit around, wait an hour or so for each rendering to run and then send the next one to render.  Any possibilities?

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Are all of the renderings in the same SketchUp model, or are they in different .skp files?

in this case different skp files, but I have had the need for same model different views in the past.

We can render several scenes from a single model, by using the animation routine to just save one image per scene. But they would currently all render with the same properties, different layers per scene but the same rendering settings.

It would be fun to write a little programs that would render scenes from various skp files on the hard drive, but we do not have anything like that now.

All we could do now would be to save the 'batch folders" for each scene in each skp file that you wanted to render and then write a script that would loop through and render all of those scenes successively. We don't have anything like that already written, so someone would have to figure out how to do that.

A brief tutorial on processing multiple images using a .bat file.  This will work with one or several models and while the actual time to process one rendering is not influenced you can at least set this up, start the renderings, and walk away!

I want to add that I would save the files in .nxtImage format.  The benefit is that you can post-process each image easily to balance lighting and make other adjustments to make your rendering perfect. Once adjusted to your preferences for the rendering, just save the image as a .jpg for your presentation.


this is great info, wonderful news.  Didn't want to let too much time pass before responding,  I need to finish this presentation and when I have a breather, give it a try.  Its just a shame nxt stops a rendering when you send a new one to render instead of queing it up.  Would just make life so much easier.

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