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we posted a new version NI0t today.

The big changes are:

1. You can now use Ruby conditional expressions, such as:

(%weight% > 100) ? 100 + %weight%*.01 : 10 + %weight%* 2

(calculates a variable differently when weight is greater the 100)

2. You can now perform calculations using text attributes, such as:

(%weight% > 100) ? "heavy" : "light"

(Sets the attributes to "heavy" or "light" based on its weight

We posted a new version - NI12 today:

1. Removed currency signs and commas from CSV output.

2. Allow use of Ruby conditionals in calculations.

e.g.: (%weight% > 100) ? "heavy" : "light"

3. Made the edit attribute dialog stretchable to it is easier to view calculations.

Sizeable dialog.jpg

4. Added a setting on the support dialog to show calculations on the ruby console.

Show calculations in ruby console.jpg

NI16 - September 16, 2014

1. Added a checkbox to suppress commas from CSV output

rather than always suppressing them.
Formatting option.png

2. Fixed a bug where dynamic component attributes were not showing on the Edit Attributes dialog.

Dynamic component display.png

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