I use sketchup mainly for Photo Match.. (for eg putting new element to the photo)

and sometimes i need to use rendering just for one element in a whole picture (i need to have that photo in a background).. is it possible to do?
If yes.. can you tell me how?


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Hi Jim

Im sure Al or Rich will give you a full rundown on how to do this. Like you I often want to put renders of objects into photographs for 'in context' visuals.

I use the brilliant background wizard to achieve this.

The example shown here is a render of a proposed house (nearest the camera)

I simply manipulated the background image to suit the rendered item.

You can also tweak things like the brightness of the background to match up with the 'tone' of your render.






Hi Mike!

I don't see a photo when i press the 'Start Rendering' button...

another question..

How to render textures when they are applied to surfaces from Photo Matching.

I will try to explain what i'm doing ;]
I made a model from photo - then i 'project textures from photo' on to the model and then i put a new element (for eg car).
When i try to render it, the textures from photo are messed up, and the photo (that i use for photo matching) disappeared.

i forgot to add..
When i render from a photo match scene i notice,
that the new picture has a diferent aspect ratio than the original photo :/

Hi Jim

I have been through the same issues as you see this earlier discussion




Since the new background wizard has been added I now have no problems.

The process I use is


1 Add a photo to create a 'match photo' scene.

2 Set up the perspective in the normal way and click the 'done' button.

3 Create some geometry from the photo, just enough to enable you to position the new object you want to insert eg if you are putting a car on the driveway of a house just do a vertical surface for the front of the house and a horizontal surface for the drive. I don't bother projecting the textures.

4  model and position your object to insert.

5 Delete (or hide) all the geometry other than the object you want to insert. 

6 Now use the 'orbit' tool to FRACTIONALLY rotate the scene. and the match photo image will dissarear.

7 Open the 'setup options' on the NXT toolbar (little yellow clipboard)

8 Select the Bgnd (background) icon on the left.

9 Browse to the photo you originally used for the match photo scene and insert it

10  Click the 'preview / position' button and position and adjust the photo following the instructions in the video that has been produced explaining this feature (access from top right of this page)  with this you will see the geometry you have created with the background behind - stretch and manipulate the background till it suits you geometry


Render your image and that is it.


Sounds complicated broken down into all these steps but it's really easy and the results are great.

Probably other ways of doing it but after experimenting I have foud this to be the best for me.

Hope this helps.


Regards and good luck









We're working on the problem of textures mapped to surfaces using 'project textures from photo'. We just found out about this problem last week.

If you have a small model you could send me where the mapped textures don't match when rendered, I'd appreciate having  it for testing.

You can just email it to me, or use the Uploads tab above to send us a large file.


Thanks for the help here, and the reference to the "brilliant background wizard"!

Hi Jim and Rich

I gave up on 'project textures from image' a while ago.

I now construct my geometry using 'match photo' but then apply the match photo image to each face in turn as a material, highlight and right click the material and then use  'texture - position' to stretch the relevant part of the image to suit the face, renders fine that way and you can do subtle tweaks to the perspective of the material on the  face to get it spot-on.

Attached render illustrates.





[Edit - inserted imsge - Al]



Re my previous post.

This little set of videos on Youtube is a good tutorial on how to apply photos to faces in sketchup and then manipulate them .

Done this way the images produce consistent results when rendered in NXT, takes a few minutes to work through them but well worth the effort.















Thanks guys for your support.

To be honest, I needed this on Tuesday and I did not have time to check your suggestions and I used different program (oops)
But i'm still interested in this program.

Rich, I do not know your email and I do not see it in your profile. If you want, I can send the model, just give me your e-mail.

Once again, many thanks!

My email:


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