I just bought your renderer (by the way, it is fantastic !), but I have a problem with the creation of a material from the arroway textures or image maps.

It is not so easy to explain, I will try to be clear :

This is the way I do it :

1. Load .ArMaterial - More functions - Create from arroway or image maps...

2. Selection of one map from arroway in the browser - Open...

3. New window opening (after approximatively 30 seconds... Normal ???): Texture set, in which the three maps are inserted correctly (diffuse, bump and specular), with the correct strength. (see picture 1)

4. Then click on OK.

5. New window : Processing Texture set (with the message "Click OK after reviewing material").

6. The problem is there : the nXt Material Editor opens, but the material it shows does not contain the textures (I suppose it should !) : I get a blank sphere, with no texture at all... (see picture 2)


If I cancel this process and try it again, the process is blocked at point 5 : the "processing texture set" window opens, (but this time without the message "click ok after reviewing material"), and the nXt Material Editor doesn't open at all !


Well, it is a bit difficult to explain, I hope you guys have understood the process.


Am I wrong somewhere, or is it there a problem ?


I can create the material "from scratch" by selecting a face in the model, right click, edit the material and add the textures manually, this is not a problem. But I would like to change the size of the maps, but when i change the scale in the "main" tab from the texture maps, it doesn't change anything in the rendering.


Thank you in advance for your help...


WELL, I just saw that this problem was known as a bug, and seems to be fixed in the JL08 Beta, from December 8. The link to download this beta version is not working... Another way ?



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It is also fixed in the JL29 version. Have you tried that?

You can download and install it from:


Great !


Thanks, it works perfectly now...


Another problem, you can meaby solve :

When I start a new material with this method (create from arroway textures), as soon as the maps are included in the new material and I click "OK", it should open the material Editor with the textures. The download you suggested makes this... BUT : it works one time ! If I start a second material with the same method, the material Editor never opens (see picture1). I have to close Sketchup and reopen it to make it work...


Any idea ????


[Edit by Al - include imake in post]



Hey, I'm having the same problem you mentioned above.


But I'm not to sure what you guys were talking about in the solution?


Could you please help me?

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