I want to render lights with visible light beams but have had to luck making it work. I've gone through help and discussion board without success.

1. Created light with visible beam.

2. Set beam to sandpaper texture.

4. Set render to have reflections.

4. Render > failure - everything invisible.

Maybe you could create a simple light with visible beam with the iRender NXT settings for a user to download to see what's going on?

Thanks for your help.

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It looks like that must be broken in the current version.

I notice that if I check Use Ruby Extractor on the More tab they still work.

Try that and see if ti works for you. The ruby extractor is slower, but could be used until we get this fixed.

We'll fix this and post a new version.

I turned on the Ruby extractor but I still can't get a visible beam from a light. I think I better read the manual! Thanks.

Try this model that I have attached as a zip file, "beam_test.zip". It has a couple of "beam lamps" in it.

It should render as this image below if you use the "ruby extractor".

I'll post a version that will work with the new faster extractor tomorrow and post a message here.


The latest version now available on our download page renders these visible lamp beams correctly.

Download page

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