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I rendered one image file this morning. Since then EVERY render no matter what model is not saving! I have an afternoon deadline! 

Rendered image not saved: J:\20131894\3D Modeling\iRender Images\Untitled.png

(Error occurred in .\IRenderBatchDlg.cpp line: 5568)

#Date: '01/03/2014 09:17:09 Eastern Standard Time'
#License: 'ICMB4412E'
#Computer: '2UA3382HW1'
#Product: 'IRender_nXt'
#Version: 'MJ30nxt'
#Build: 'MJ30nxt Wednesday, October 30, 2013'
#Base: 'IRenderBatch'
#Company: 'EMHT'
#Phone: '6147754057'
#User: 'dschneider'
#Email: ''
#Owner: 'user name'
#TL: 'rtr'
#TC: 'IR'
#VC: '11'
#Windows: 'Windows 7 Build: 7601 Service Pack 1'

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Perhaps try using a different file name, or a different drive or folder.

I saved to my desktop and it worked. Thanks! 

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