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New version posted - OB03 - February 3, 2015

In this version we:

  • Fixed the Animation routine
  • Added new Option tab, Render2, to display other advanced rendering settings.
  • Added a feature to set all or some TreeMaker plants to render as simple 2D Images. All plants may be set using a new button on the new Render2 tab. Individual plants can be set using the right click edit, Edit Plant.
  • Fixed a regression where transparent images, like 2D tree images, where not rendering correctly.

New version posted - OC09 - March 9, 2015

In this version we:

  • Improved rendering time. Renderings using the default Packet Mode engine, should render at least twice fast for most models.
  • Changed 2D RPC components, like people, to display as transparent monocolor images in SketchUp and added Face Camera, Transparency Level, and Front, Back or Side View options for those 2D RPCs. 
  • Made "Presets" the first Option Dialog tab again. 

New version posted - OC20 - March 30, 2015

In this version we:

  • Fixed the Edit function on the Select and Edit Material dialog

New version posted - OF15 - June 15, 2015

In this version we:

  • Fixed a problem a 'soft edges' error reported on certain surfaces.
  • Fixed Map/Replace Materials, which was not working in 3D Design Studio.
  • Fixed an Opengl window display error in the component placer, where come components were not being displayed.

New version posted - OF26 - June 26, 2015

In this version we:

  • Fixed a regression in the OF15 version, where rendering would not work for new users, due to not writing a file called nxt_doc.xml file for 3D Design Studio.

New version posted - OH21 - August 21, 2015

In this version we:

  • Fixed a bug with the Edit Lamp function that was keeping lamps from being edited.

New version posted - OL09 - December 9, 2015

In this version we:

  • Fixed the Special Options tab to appear again.
  • Fixed an error being thrown when All Edge lines was selected.
  • Fixed a bug that was keeping materials from being edited from the render window, in a previous version.
  • Fixed ruby file for SketchUp 2016 to automatically check extension to appear.
  • Introduced new collapsible Options dialog.
  • Added a pin to the Options dialog so that it could stay active in SketchUp after starting a rendering.
  • Added a Search box to the Options dialog.

New version posted - OL23 - December 23, 2015

In this version we:

  • Fixed Edge lines to render in the SketchUp Edge Line Color
  • Added Cast Shadows as an option for Edge Lines.
  • Fixed AutoSave, which wasn't working when the Options dialog was pinned.
  • Removed duplicate Ground Plane check box from the Sky tab, and fixed the enable control logic.
  • Changed the appearance of the tack when the dialog is not pinned.
  • Set the path to RPS_TdDesBatch.exe in the batch file to the 3D Design Studio folder.

New version posted - PA07 - January 7, 2016

In this version we:

  • Added more information to the progress dialog while extracting data, to try to keep the process from appearing to have stopped. 
  • Added a warning if too many light sources were found before starting the rendering process.
  • Fixed a bug where the Material Illuminance channel could not be set without using the value box arrows.
  • Fixed the Custom Light choice on the Named Colors menu to work. 
  • Added the Named Colors menu to the Lamp edit dialogs.
  • Added more checks to never allow a light color to be black.

New version posted - PB03 - February 3, 2016

In this version we:

  • Fixed a regression where Animation Settings could not be set and saved.
  • Fixed the Edit light logic to use the current light settings for all lights placed, even lights using only Material Illuminance.
  • Fixed the Edit/Query lights dialog to use the new Edit lights logic and display the current light color for applicable light types.
  • Added the words "Biased" and "Unbiased" to the 3 rendering engine options choices.
  • Fixed lights based on Material Illuminance to render with the same intensity as other lamps, using the Light Balancer settings.
  • Changed references to "Tone Operator" to now say "Adjustments and Filters".

New version posted - PC03 - March 3, 2016

In this version we:

  • Added a new tab dialog for selecting Tutorials, Sample Models, Videos, and Rendering Tips.
  • Fixed a Ground Plane bug, which kept the Ground Plane function from working in SketchUp 2016 for new users.
  • Changed the default batch folder for the Batch Settings Model option to be in the user's AppData folder, instead of the Documents folder, to help speed up the extraction process.

New version posted - PG05 - July 5, 2016

In this version we:

  • Fixed a bug where setting changes made in the rendering window were being saved as profile variables, so were affecting all models.

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