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I have created materiel with bump with bump that i would like to save. i have lots of good woods and pavement that look spectacular when.

I then hit save and placed them in a file

I then use the IRender nXt material library to load them.

the map chanced to the last material i used in ketchup witch was a read cloth. it kept the bump.

all the materials u see above are the same as the original image. as soon as i place them they change to what ever i placed last.

this is how they look in sketch up this has the last image and the bump placed down together in sketchup combined in a signal material
this is how they render. not even close these where a red brick..

is there an easy way to save them in to them to your material library. and also reference that library from a server??? as i have lots of good materials i would like to save without recreating them or making a sketchup template.
please help. sorry if my spelling and grammar is bad lol i suck at them.

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In the latest version of IRender nXt, we no longer have the Save and Load buttons on the Edit Material dialog, so we cannot test the behavior you are describing.

Also, in the last 2 releases of SketchUp, 2015 and 2016, you are able to save and load SketchUp materials that include the AccuRender nXt material properties like bump maps, refelction, etc. That means that you can save your materials as a SketchUp material collection, so you would not need to import saved .ArMaterial files to create your SketchUp materials.You can simple load them from your own collection from anywhere. This will be a much easier process to implement.

Are you able to try that?

I'm on sketch 2013 and older version of IRender nXt, will upgrade when i have the funds. cheers

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