I have a office building which i am modelling, however the render process is seriously slow.  When it loads it says i have approx. 470 lights but i only have about 100 in the model.  It takes 22hrs to do a single hi-res pass (4996 x 2736).  Any tips?

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If more lights are being reported than the number of lights in the model, then I suspect that you have used a material as a light source, or made a lamp out of a surface that is getting broken into many individual lights for some reason.

Usually the problem is caused by a material that is set to illuminate, that is being used on more surfaces than originally intended.

Is it possible to send us that model, or zip it up and share it here, so that we could take a look at it?

I have checked the material illumination and cleared any materials that were set as lights, didnt seem to make any difference.  Here is a link to model on Dropbox, Unit B - 27-11-18,

It 112MB!

The problem with this model is there a groups of lights in the board room lights layer that contain surfaces that are set to be object property lights.

The surfaces forms a tube which is rendered as 50 individual faces, and each one of these faces becomes its own light source. This is why we think that are 470 light sources in the model.

It can be fixed by editing the group, selecting all the entities in the group, and clearing the object properties for the entities. And then backing out and making the group itself a lamp instead.

By doing that, it will be just one light source.

There was an odd warning when I did that about setting a diffuse light on a surface when I cleared the object properties, but I just allowed it to do that and the object properties were then cleared for the surface and other faces in the group. Then I was able to back out and make the group itself a single light.

Would that work for you?

Thanks Rich,sorted it now, on a separate note what  would be best preset lighting mode to achieve most photo-realistic render, i find some can make it look unrealistic and lack depth?

I don't really know myself. The presets are just meant top be a starting a starting point, depending on whether you have a interior or exterior scene. See:


I think you just need to experiment with the different presets and then try the different options that can be set after starting with the preset to see what works best for you.

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