I am running version PL01nxt 7.0. i recently had to cancel my subscription due to monetary issues. When I run I-Render it tells me my license is no longer valid. I get that and accept that.

However I-Render continues to run normally. As I did pay for the current version I'm using and many other past versions I have to assume that I can continue to use the one I have without issue.

Please confirm for me.

Thanks for your great software. I love it and hope to continue to use it,


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When a subscription is cancelled, the software shoud stop working at some point, depending on when the cancellation occurred during the subscription period, and when the software is run that invalidates cancelled subscriptions.

It sounds like one of those processes may not be working correctly for some reason.

We cannot confirm that it will continue to run if the subscription is not active. Hopefully, you can reactivate your subscription or purchase a permanent license at some point.

I'm kind of disappointed in your response. I've been a loyal customer for many, many years and can't understand why software I paid for and updated my license for numerous times would suddenly no longer run.
I chose the subscription method for the last go round but now feel the software I currently have will be more than adequate from here on out. I'm not attempting to "get away" with anything here. I would just appreciate some consideration be given to a long time customer.
All that being said, what is the cost of a permanent license and how do I get one?

Your old license number will still work. The license number that went sent to you to use with the subscription will not, since it is tied to your subscription.

You can use you old permanent license number forever with a version of IRender nXt that was released during the first 12 months after you purchased it.

If you want to run the latest version, you don't need to purchase a new permanent license at full price.You can renew your old permanent license for the renewal price, $240.00. Then you can run the latest version of IRender nXt.

I will send you a link to the page where you can do that.

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