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When I create a tree or shrub in tree maker and then place it in my model, does irender also safe the plant file on my computer somewhere? Or does it just exist in the sketchup model? Thanks

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It is stored on the component as an attribute. You should be able to right click on that component and select "RpTreeMaker: Remake ArPlant", or "IRender nXt.../Edit Plant", and save the plant as a .ArPlant File, so that you could load it and use it in another model..

Also, the .ArPlant file each tree or schrub in the model is extracted to the batch folder (See the Batch Rendering Settings dialog for that folder location.) when the model is rendered, so they could be copied from that folder and placed somewhere, so that you could load and reuse them.

Perfect. I found them all and placed them in another folder. Thanks for your help.

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