Hey guys:

I inadvertently upgraded to your latest version and now it wants me to pay for it. There was no notification at the new download that I was now upgrading. It now shows me as a trial version. I need to know how to go back to the last version before my mistake. Unfortunately now that I've done this, my license number, etc. is not showing in your SketchUp "About" section.

I need to have you help me go back to the previous version and retrieve my information.

It's listed under Krupp Associates, email is cakrupp@gmail.com

Let me know what to do,


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You can download and install this version:


It will run with your license number.

I would suggest unistalling the latest version first, by running that install and selecting the Remove option.

Our download page does say:

Older Versions

If your license is over 12 months old, you will need to download an older version, 
or renew your license to use the latest version, and all new versions for the next 12 months. 

I'll change it to read Existing Licenses and Older Versions instead of just Older Versions


Can you send my license no and authorization code? They got wiped out in the upgrade mishap.


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