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Volumetric Fog Haze & Visible Light Paths - Stage lighting beams

Hi Guys

I'm trying to do a render of a stage with stage lighting and i want to show the beams.  I've been looking at this link and but both are a bit vague when it comes to stage lighting.  

I have been using the "Unbiased" render engine but at 500 passes (2.5hrs after i started rendering) it wasn't showing any signs of displaying the "beam".  The rest of the image clearly had fog on albeit very very grainy.

Does anyone have any hints/tricks that will allow me to do this and render quickly?  If not render quickly, at least know that when i click render i'm not wasting any time and it is actually going to render properly displaying the beams.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


I am using Irender NXT V: QF07nxt 7.0 and Google sketchup 2017.

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I'm looking into this. In order to get the visible beams to work at all , I had to use the "Beam" light types and use the Ruby extractor (Options/More tab: check "Use ruby extractor".)

I'll fix the new extractor to render these Beam light types correctly and post a new version along with uploading a couple of sample files to render here.

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