What are the advantages regarding Irender NXT with upgrading to Sketchup 2013 ?

Hi Al\Rich

What are the advantages regarding Irender NXT with upgrading to Sketchup 2013 ? Cannot see any real change from SU 8 other than `extensions` but most of us `in the know` use the plugins anyway - is it worth the upgrade ? does it have any speed advantages over SU 8 ?





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I think that SketchUp 2013, despite not having big changes, it is a
more stable version. And, in any case, many plugins need to be updated
for compatibility.
SketchUp 2013 saves files as 2013 format, which can not be opened in the
previous versions. Many jobs will be saved thus.
And, soon, will be certainly make other functions.
And so, regardless of the speed of execution of the programs,
becomes inevitable update.
Obviously it is not obligatory, may like it or not, but agrees.

Regarding IRender nXt, I don't see any difference.

So is it safe to safe Irender NXT is compatible with sketchup 2013?  If so, are there instructions to do anything after installing the new sketchup?  Possbily worth a FAQ

Yes. Just download and reinstall the latest IRender nXt, so that the IRender nXt ruby files will get placed in the new 2013 plugins folder location.

Or you can copy the ruby files from an older version that you know works with your license, using the instructions posted here:


Does this seem like a quick return on their investment by Trimble, or am I just being old and cynical. I have never minded upgrading SU before because improvements always out weighed the relatively small upgrade cost. Having to upgrade without no significant improvement that's another matter.



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