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I have the version NB21spd downloaded to test it.
Now I get the error message "Load Error loading: - no such file to loas - in32API
I have 64bit installed.

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Is that in Sketch 2013? 

I have the same problem with SpaceDesign NB21spd on Sketchup 2014 (Version 14.0.4900) on Windows 8.1 64bit:

>>If the SketchUp-File is stored on my local HDD (same Partition as Win 8.1 and SketchUp 2014) everything is working fine.

>>If the SketchUp-File is stored on a second partition on the HDD the *** LOAD ERROR *** occured.

>>If the SketchUp-File is stored on a NAS the *** LOAD ERROR *** occured.

>>Putting the same SketchUp-File e.g. on my Desktop, open it - and everything is working fine! No error message!

Hope you can fix it.




Unfortunately, I don't understand your post. Were those sentences copied from another post, or are they what you are experiencing?

Does 'SpaceDesign - load' not show up under plugins for you for SketchUp 2014?

I have experienced this behaviour by myself. Please find attached two jpg-files. The corresponding skp-files are identical. I have only changed the location of the file: Server/Desktop.

I'm trying to "Generate and Save Takeoff as PDF File".

This behaviour occured on two different machines. Both machines with SketchUp Pro 2014 and Windows 8.1 64bit.

Thank you.


OK, I get it now.

SpaceDesign works for you in SketchUp 2014, but not if the SketchUp model is loaded from a file on a server.

We'll see if we can reproduce this here and fix it.

After updating from Sketchup 2014 (Version 14.0.4900) to Version 14.1.1282 the problem was gone.


Yes, it turned out that that was a bug that SketchUp fixed in that maintenance release.

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