From a user:

I received this Error message while running IRender_nXt Version: PH26nxt

Error: AVI_movie_file is not open

It might be hard to figure out why you are getting this error, unless you are getting it consistently so that we could probably reproduce it here. You could try seleting different Codecs, using the top button on out Animation Settings tab, but I would try the approach of saving  image files for all the animations frames on the disk first, and then assembling those frames into the animation. This is always a good idea anyway, in case something goes wrong you can just render the part of the animation that didn’t work. It’s also good for breaking the task up into smaller parts that can later be assembled into a large animation.


Here is how you do that:


I would suggest trying this on a small model first, so you can see how the process works.


Instead of having the renderer automatically create and launch the animation file (.AVI) for you, set it to just create the individual frame images (.JPG or .PNG) for the animation and just save those image to the disk.


Then, once you have all the images saved for the individual frames, you can manually assemble the images into an animation to see why it is not working.


To save the images that you'll need, Set the output for the animation to have a PNG or JPG extension, and specify a folder where it will be easy to find the files when you are finished.


For example, below I have set the output to be PNG files, by setting that as the file extension, and I have specified an empty folder where I can find the image files:

Once you've got all the images rendered that you need, you just need to pick a program to assemble them into the final animation file. I can do it with my version of PhotoShop. A lot of people  download and use free program called "Gimp" to do this.

If you don't want to learn how to use Gimp or another program to assemble the movie, we include a simple program to do it. It is called RpMakeAvi.exe and can found in this folder (if you are on  64 bit machine):

            C:\Program Files (x86)\Render Plus Systems\IRender_nXt\bin_Nxt

It can also be downloaded from this link:

When you run RpMakeAvi.exe, it asks you to point to the folder where you saved the frames and then assembles the movie for you. It has a button in it to try different Codecs, in case that is what is causing the problem.  It looks like this:



Please try using RpMakeAvi.exe, or another program like Gimp, to assemble and launch the animation to see if that makes a difference. You may need to try different Codecs to find one that works for you.


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