Please look into the problem that I am having. I am unable to load any ArPlant into Accurender nXt for Revit. I am only able to use the basic plant types that are provided with the plant editor. If I edit one of the standard plants, I can use it, but I am unable to save it and reuse it in the future if I edit the plant type again. The problem also exists for the plants that Marc so graciously shared. Although I can load them into the plant editor and save them, I am unable to assign them to the revit families. If it makes a difference, I am trying to assign them to the Revit RPC plants. 

Although I am no longer getting an error message, I am not able to use previously saved plants.



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We'll add a separate button to simply load plants from the disk, and also fix the problem of not being able to load existing plants into the Plant Editor while creating a new plant.

Until we get those fixes posted you can do this work-around: Just copy the ArPlant file into the ArPlants folder for the model, and rename it with the name of the family that you want to map it to.

For example, I would copy Sycomore-615.ArPlant from Marc's plants into:

C:\Users\rich\AppData\Roaming\nXt\test_project\nXtPlants (for a revit project named "test_project")

and rename it "RPC Tree - Conifer - Norway Spruce - 15'.ArPlant", to map that RPC Spruce to the Sycamore.

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