In the past, as recent as 2012, Renderplus Nxt for Revit provided an option to save the output file as an *.epg whis used as an inout for Piranesi, a 3-D painting program. I was able to successfully render within Revit using the render plus engine with the *.epg output file.

I have searched the nXt app windows repeatedly looking for the option that had previously been available without success.

Is there a way to restore that functionality that has been lost?


Jerry Childers

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I think that I will upload a few renderings. Some have been very successful.

The file "ArObjects_001.dll" also needs to be copied to the main folder for ArRevit_nxt.

These changes enabled me to open the nXtImage File.

However, the rendering function does not work. I changed the original files back to their original names and changed the name of the 2011 files by adding "NEW" to their names.

At this point, when I select the green render button, a popup window advised that the geometry is being saved. The rendering process does not start.

I deleted the extra NEW items. This did not restore my ability to render the inage. It looks like I will need to reinstall the version of ArRevit_nXt.

This issue was resolved when I rebooted my computer after deleting the new files and keeping the original files.

ArRevit nXt rendering is functioning again. Outputting an epx file was successful as was opening it in Piranesi.



Thanks for the update. Glad you are able to render and make the epx file.

I'll look into this some more tomorrow. 


I did update the latest version of AccuRender nXt for Revit on our downloads page for a fix for this problem with having the old nXtImageEditor included..

You would need to renew your license to be able to run that latest version, so you might want just continue using your current version and making sure that you run the nXtImageEditor that is in that bin_2011 folder.



Thank you for your response. I have adjusted to using the current version. accessing the bin_2011 folder is easy.

Thanks again. 

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