One of my student created a very nice bridge. She wanted to use material of the library. Unfortunately the process to change a material is very slow (15 Minutes and more):

The SketchUp-Model has ca. 2.5 Mio surfaces. 

Does that mean it is to large for IRender nXt, or is there a way to speed it up. Maybe some paramter somewhere?

Thank you very much.

Rainer Schaufelberger

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The nice thing about that "Select Material to Place" dialog is that it will loop through a component (or group) and place the material on all of the faces in the component that it finds with the same original material.

I can see where that would take a long time for a component that has so many surfaces.

Perhaps the best thing to do in a case like that would be to use the "Map/Replace" function to simply replace the existing material everywhere with the new material. Could that be used in this case?

The "Map/Replace" function ist in the same dialog as "Select Material to Place"? Am I right?:

This dialog takes 9 minutes alone on my computer and when you replace a material it takes another 6 minutes.

So there is not much of a difference.

Kind regards,

Rainer Schaufelberger

Can you send me that model and let me try it here?


The file is 50 MB, you can download ist here:


Thank you.


Thanks. I received your file, but I didn't learn much.

I was able to load it and change a material on the bridge fairly quickly. It took about 10 to 30 seconds for me, depending on which material in the bridge I clicked on to apply the new material.

Like wise with the Map/Replace function on that dialog, it took less than 1/2 a minute to replace 6 materials and update the model in SketchUp.

My laptop has 32 GB of memory. Maybe that's the difference?

Rendering is taking forever though. Over a 1/2 hour to extract and load the data, and it's been 45 minutes and is only 87% through the first pass. 

Seems like it's bogged down by those "visible beam" spot lights. They can really slow the rendering time down.

Rainer Schaufelberger said:


The file is 50 MB, you can download ist here:


Thank you.



We have 12GB Memory. The good thing to know is that it generally works. I might install the program on another machine and have a look there. Rendering time is not so much of a problem.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Rainer Schaufelberger

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